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Let me introduce myself, my name is: Gabor Vido. I was looking for all my life, I researched all the meaning behind it and what this world operates, how it occurred, what was. For a long time this question did not get an answer. Then I found Béla Villás, who gave answers to all my questions, the training he has held Shaman. Bela többett this training taught me how the world works, from Earth, about life in an hour as before all people total, and one that I lived by the inaugurations that I'm still the greatest experience of my life.

The first Shaman Drum is a very dear friend, Zoltán Bács prepared, which unfortunately has been ruined. It began to employ the question of how to prepare a shaman drum. I went around every nook and cranny of the Internet, but have found only a very rudimentary writing about what the shaman drum making. I saw him on that basis, and finished the first self-made shaman drum. After that, my friends is particularly indicated that they would need a Shaman drum, to prepare them as well?

Not only shaman drum Making its part in shamanic existence, but lectures, ceremonies I and all the people round me, I can help you in this, the beginning of the bumpy road. If you call or visit, happy to talk and share with you my knowledge of shamanism and shaman drum-making.

If you want you can help you prepare drum. I share as part of a two-day "shaman drum making school" with you all my knowledge about the shaman drum making.

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A legújabbak a sámánboltban

Jakut sámándob, 70 cm-es (folyamatosan készül)

Ára: 50000 Ft

Sámándob készítő készlet 55cm-es

Ára: 25000 Ft

Cédrusfából készült, faragott dobverő

Ára: 7500 Ft

Tölgyfából készült, faragott dobverő

Ára: 5000 Ft